Sorry, I have been away for while working to make this blog better!! stay tuned for some exciting changes!!


Good afternoon everybody, I hope you’ve had a good day so far. I hope you’ve picked up that new AIC disk. It’s got a free t-shirt with it, check it out!!  Oh well I will see you around on the Web. 



Good Morning, I hope everyone is fine. Ok,  was Alice in Chains acoustic set on JKL cool or what?? Ok, calm down, calm down!! I thought that their new tune “your decision” had a laid back but tense feel to it. what was with William Duval’s scarf around his neck? Was it cold in the studio? I’ll have to ask him. Hey, how about that sweet version on “No excuses” that they played later? huh? huh? Nice or what?? I loved Jerry’s solo he did a slight pause in the middle, it changed the feel of it for me!! Ok I told you there would be a test. Dang!! Dang!! Dang!! Look at the time  gotta go.            Go out and get the New Alice in Chains!!


Good Morning, I hope everyone is doing fine. Ok, by a show of hands, how many of you saw Alice in Chains on Jimmy Kimmel Live (JKL) last night!! Wow!! That many, Was that cool or what? I thought that the new tune “Check my Brain” was cool. How did you like Jerry Cantrell’s black les paul?? I dug it. Is it me or does William Duval look like a cross between Phil Lynot (Thin Lizzy) and Lenny Kravitz?? He’s a good singer and a good pick up for AIC.They came back and did “would” ooh (tough choice Jerry) I was a fair rendering of that beloved tune. Man, how I wish Layne was still here to sing it!! Oh well, they are going to be back on (JKL) to night, so check it out there will be a test tomorrow!! I am going to cop their new CD “Black turns into Blue”  today. I’ll let you all know what I thought.  (It will be on the final!!)

See ya


Hello  blogshpere, Im glad to be here to share my thoughts on my fave topix; Music and gear!! I like other styles music, blues, R&B, classical, and even Pop, but Love ROCK!! someone said the things just go better with ROCK!! I echo that sentiment!! I also dig Guitars: Strats, LesPauls, SGs, flying V’s and Superstrats!! (oh by the way I do own a beautiful white Fender strat hence the name of the blog. I will have her pic up soon.) I write Rock music. I am not in a band as of now. I needed to take a break from that and work on my songwriting and writing.  I like to explore gear and I also like to learn about new gear If you know of any let me know!! T feel that with all the stress in the world and this time, the rock community needs to step up and bring some healing. I think that it is time out for all this death, satanic, and” xteme” metal music. It’s not helping anything. I think that bands like Creed, Alterbridge (which I miss), Staind and 3 doors down are putting out music that brings forth healing but we need more!! agree or disagree lt me know!!